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Shark Pressure Washing is a 100% environmentally friendly service specializing in cleaning and sanitizing of trash and recycling bins for Residential and Condominium Associations.
Our sanitation method is equal to none other in today’s market.
Our Self-contained cleaning unit collects all the chemical and wastewater to avoid urban
run-off, circumventing contamination to our storm water systems and environment.
All wastewater is disposed of safely at a locally approved treatment facility.
Our cleaning solutions are Green Seal certified.
The combination of our cleaning process along with our use of Green Seal products provide you with a winning solution to ensure a cleaner, healthier home and neighborhood.

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Shark Pressure Washing Services

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Commercial Pressure Washing

Commercial Pressure Washing is a vital part of maintaining your commercial property for appearance, safety, and to help prolong the life of your property’s surfaces. Appearances are everything! Consumers prefer to do business in a clean & sanitized environment. Also, maintaining clean exterior flooring can prevent very costly slip and fall lawsuits against your liability insurance policy.


HOA/Multi Dwelling Units

Pressure Washing your HOA and Multi-Dwelling Community is vital for safety, value, and appearances. Dirty, oily, moldy concrete floors and pavers are extremely slippery, especially when wet. Maintaining a clean community with regular pressure washing will increase demand, property value, and image for the neighborhood. Regular pressure cleaning will also prolong the life of the surfaces in the community.


Residential Pressure Washing

Have your home detailed with a complete house washing & pressure cleaning. A clean home is more inviting + it feels great to come home to a freshly cleaned home. Maintaining your home with a periodic pressure cleaning and house washing will also prolong the life of your exterior surfaces, increase your home’s value, safeguard against dangerous odors, and eliminate moldy slippery flooring.


We understand your requirement and provide quality works.

Excellent service, value, and responsiveness. Highly recommend this company and look forward to using them again in the future.

Matt Petraglia

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We understand your requirement and provide quality works.

5 Reasons for Shark Pressure Washing Your Trash Bins Regularly

Eliminate Odor – With all of the rotting food, disposable diapers, and other malodorous items we throw into our trash bins, it is no wonder that we stifle the urge to plug our noses every time we take out the trash. Waste, liquids in particular, can leak through even the smallest of tears in a trash bag and seep into the pores of a trash bin. This can make your trash can smell even when it is empty. Cleaning your trash can regularly can get rid of this odor.

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We understand your requirement and provide quality works.
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